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Travel highlights Denmark

Travel highlights Denmark

Aarhus, as old as the Vikings, is the seond largest city in Denmark, and has a lovely well-preserved historic center. Tan important trading centre and seaport since Viking times when it was known as Aros, the 'place at the river's mouth'.

Best restaurant in the world - Restaurant Norma
The restaurant was again voted the best restaurant in the world and has three Michelin stars. Not only purvey a variety of wonderful dishes, they are never afraid to experiment with them either. Delightfully odd combinations (such as fish and coffee sauce) make eating here one of the top things to do in Copenhagen.

Cosmopolitan Copenhagen is vibrant and blossoming. Filled with cafes and restaurants, the historic city boasts a splendid architecture, cobbled streets and many canals.

Skagen beaches
Skagen beaches along the northwestern side are among the country's best. Gulf streams keep the air fairly warm, even in the winter months, and the beaches range from the heavily populated to the heavily secluded.

Tivoli Gardens and Bakken
Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen gets all the recognition, but Bakken can rightfully take its place as one of the top Denmark tourist attractions. Just nine miles away, it can be an easy addition to most Copenhagen tours, and you can see the oldest amusement park in the world. The rides and atmosphere almost seem to be purposefully the opposite of Tivoli – less flashing lights and devoid of the tourist traps of the Copenhagen park, Bakken is simply unpretentious fun.