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Festivals in Denmark

Festivals in Denmark

Copenhagen Jazz Festival

One of the most stunning and inspirational times in Europe is the Jazz festival in Copenhagen, which takes place each July. The Danish capital is scenic enough, but with a special performance and great performances in the streets, it’s spectacular and it’s not surprising that so many people are in love with Denmark.

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark
When:  July

Night Of Culture

A wondrous experience for any intellectual colossus or historian, the Night of Culture in the capital of Denmark is a wonderful evening in mid – October. This occasion brings to you a unique and rare chance to explore places that you would not be able to visit otherwise. Over 300 cultural sites throughout the city, many of which are only accessible in this evening, stay open after hours. Buildings including churches, museums, art galleries, exhibition halls, congregations, political and cultural institutions, and humanitarian organizations, open the doors to their basements, secret rooms, towers, and cultural events for the general public for this night.

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark
When: September


Festivals In Odense

There is a lot going on in the third major city in Denmark, Odense. The Odense Flower Festival is a great opportunity to observe the streets of the home town of Hans Christian Andersen. During these flowery days, the flavours and aromas of Danish summer beckons. Or how about deciding to join some of the more than 250 completely free festivals of Hans Christian Andersen? The festivals of Hans Christian Andersen proffer fables, curiosity, escapism and wonder which makes it one of the popular Denmark festivals. And a great deal more to it than that. It will be a week of cabarets, carnivals, processions, aesthetic experiences and caravans around the main squares of the town.

Where: Odense, Denmark
When: August